Daktronics "Banana Plug" Starter Integration Cord

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This cord integrates with your Swimmingly® Starter’s iOS device and plugs into the 'Start' port on your Daktronics Starter. This enables the Starter's iOS device to automatically begin each heat directly from your Daktronics Starter! Note that we recommend connecting an Apple© 3.5mm to lightning adapter to the “headphone” side of the cord to utilize the Apple lightning© port for best connection!

  1. Start each race directly from the Infinity mic + horn as you normally would.
  2. Receive a synchronized start on the Starter's device
  3. The Starter's device creates a hands-free synchronized start for each timer.
  4. For false starts, recall any race on the Starter's app prior to beginning the next race.

Download your Instructions PDF here.

- See warranty details provided by the manufacturer

*  Note * The Apple Lightning to 3.5mm audio jack adapter is NOT INCLUDED.

*  Note * We recommend learning the Swimmingly app on it's own before attempting to layer in additional components to integrate, like the Daktronics.